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Personalized Guestbooks for Weddings, Showers and all Life’s Special Occasions!

About Us

How the Guestbook Store Began

It was late August when my fiance and I were well into the busiest part of planning for our late September wedding. By this point we had already spent a lot of time on wedding plans that didn't pan out as we had expected and were forced to re-think many of them to accommodate our guests and our budget.

Most of my extended family is from Wisconsin; however, my fiance had family and friends scattered throughout all parts of the country and just about every guest would be traveling to join us for our big event.

We knew that since we weren't going to have time to visit with our out-of-town guests that we wanted to add some personal touches to our event and make it as special for them as it was for us. From our program to our vows, we made sure to include personal stories and fun surprises for each piece of the wedding we could think of.

When it came time to begin thinking about our guestbook, we both felt a collection of signatures bound in a book just wasn't our idea of a cherished keepsake. It also didn't seem polite to make our guests stand in a single file line and sign their name to each line of a book. And knowing we wouldn't arrive for two hours since we had wedding pictures to take, we wanted something to keep our guests entertained until the reception started.

Since a videographer wasn't in our budget, we knew that we wouldn't have a way to capture personal greetings from our friends and family members. It seemed like a logical idea for us to tie that into our guestbook concept and we began brainstorming ideas from there.

Once we had the idea fleshed out we then created the designs for the books and had them illustrated with the help of a friend. We were very excited about the guestbook and had the pages ready to duplicate for our reception now only a week away.

Finally our big day arrived and it was a dream come true! We were pleased that so many of our friends and family were able to join us and all were very excited about our special touches. As we went from planned event to planned event, the entire wonderful day went by very quickly for us.

The following morning after we had opened our gifts, the first thing we wanted to do was read the guestbook pages. We laughed so hard and enjoyed so many of the personal greetings we were very happy that we had such a wonderful souvenir from our wedding.

In the weeks that followed, many of our friends and family commented on how much they enjoyed filling out the guestbook pages. Our photographer with over thirty years under his belt told us in all that time he hadn't seen anything like our guestbook before. We were surprised and delighted!

By the time we returned from our honeymoon, we began getting requests from our friends for a guestbook they could use at their own weddings. We didn't think anything of it till more requests started coming in.

It was at that point we decided to offer our one-of-a-kind guestbooks to the world! We have spent many months selecting and creating the most unique handmade covers with high quality materials. Our pages have been designed in the same fun casual way and we've enjoyed hearing from so many satisfied guestbook owners.

We're excited to help bring this same special personal touch to you or your friends' weddings and look forward to the opportunity for you to share and enjoy this keepsake with them.

Ann & Stuart Sandler