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Memorials - A Celebration of Life

Losing a loved one is never easy. At Guestbook Store we are deeply saddened for the loss of someone so special in your life. 

In our Memorial Guestbooks we offer the chance for friends and family to reflect on a life well-lived, to share stories and reflect on how the departed had such an impact on their lives. This beautiful guestbook will become a treasured keepsake for the grieving, giving them a collection of memories to look back on for generations to come. 

We offer two phrasing styles suited to best reflect the memorial of those no longer with us. 

Our Remembering Guestbook offers a more casual warm feel to honor and celebrate their life.

Our Celebration of Life Guestbook has a more delicate and ornate feel for reflection.

Our title pages offer a space for an epitaph, words of wisdom or love. A favorite quote, saying or scripture verse add another dimension of the departed. When these pages are read over, we hope the grieving find peace in the messages of kindness and admiration.

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