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Personalized Guestbooks for Weddings, Showers and all Life’s Special Occasions!


When you're about to turn six years old, and your mom is an event planner and caterer specializing in sweets, you just KNOW good things are bound to happen in the Birthday Department.

This is a story about Sophie, and her amazing mom, Chana Wood. Among her many other talents, Chana is also a professional photographer. And not only that... she's our friend! So we gave Sophie a Birthday Guestbook and were thrilled when Chana sent us some photos of the "Fairy Party." What a clever idea for a little girl's birthday—we just know you'll love it, too!

Here’s the birthday girl now! That is one sweet fairy dress.

Fairy Party Birthday Girl

Speaking of sweet... Sophie and friends were treated to TWO of Chana’s wonderful creations: a Mexican Vanilla Butter Cake with ruffles of teal buttercream, and a Rich Dark Chocolate Cake with swirls of buttercream roses.

Fairy Party Birthday Cakes

For party favors, Sophie gave her friends these delicate, translucent boxes filled with magical jewels and candies.

Fairy Party Favor Boxes

When each girl arrived, she found her very own set of fairy wings waiting for her, which she was allowed to take home after the party.

Fairy Party Wings

Look at these adorable fairies! What could they be doing? Hmmm....

Fairy Party Busy Fairies

Oh my gosh! They're making Guestbook pages!

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Page

Chana says:

"They enjoyed it SO much! Each girl colored a photo of Sophie and wrote cute little memories from their school year together."

Fairies thinking...

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Creating Pages

Fairies creating...

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Creating Pages

Fairies laughing! These girls are just so cute. And what a perfect day for a party outdoors!

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Girls Laughing

Want to see Sophie's Guestbook page design? Here you go!

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Page

We love how Chana transformed our Guestbook Store pens and markers into these wonderful writing wands!

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Creating Pages

Turns out sometimes even fairies have spelling questions! This is Brenna, getting some advice from her Mom and baby sister, Kira.

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Creating Pages

All done!

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Page

The whole Fairy Flock, proudly showing off their finished Guestbook pages!

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Guests

Chana wrote to tell us how much Sophie loved it:

"After the party, during bedtime, we read the pages to Sophie and her face was glowing with delight! This will surely be a treasure she will cherish for the rest of her life! Very special."

One last wonderful pic—Sophie and Nadia:

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Friends

We’re glad you had such a wonderful birthday, Sophie—thanks so much for letting us be a part of your special day! And special thanks to you, Chana, for sharing your fabulous images with us!

P.S. For those of you in the Twin Cities/western Wisconsin vicinity who are drooling over that delicious cake picture, you're in luck! Chana's company, Sugar Wood, is right there in Cumberland, WI. She'll be happy to make cake for you, too, AND to photograph the people you love. It doesn't get any better than that!

Gugar Wood Logo


Our wonderful customer Christina sent the sweetest note, along with some adorable photos from her baby shower for us to share!

Shower guests having fun with Guestbook pages

Here's what she wrote:

Just wanted to say "thank you" for making my baby shower unique and so much fun!! The Guestbook was an absolute hit at my nautical-themed "Ahoy, It's a Boy" baby shower. The pages immediately broke the ice and encouraged friends, co-workers and family from near and afar to mingle, talk and laugh out loud. Now that our baby boy has arrived, it is fun to go back and look at all of the guests' predictions as to his birth date, weight and new parent advice in the Guestbook!! Thanks again, Christina

Awwww. Thank YOU, Christina, for taking the time to write us such a nice note! It's so fun for us to hear how the Guestbook pages added to the delight of celebrating of such a special time in your life!

Shower guests laughing over Guestbook stories

We love these images! They really show how much fun Christina's guests had personalizing their Guestbook pages...

Sharing Guestbook pens

... and getting to know each other! Sharing markers is a great ice breaker!

Is Christina's "Ahoy, It's a Boy!" nautical theme cute or what?!? And look at all the colored markers this guest is using! Her Guestbook page must have been so cute when she was done with it!

"Ahoy, It's a Boy" baby shower

It's important to display blank Guestbook pages so guests can find and use them easily. This red tray was an excellent idea.

Blank Guestbook pages ready to use

And these colorful pails for the pens? Perfect!

Colorful pails for Guestbook pens

There's something special about the Guestbook pages—people truly enjoy engaging with them.

Shower guest decorating Guestbook page

Look how much love went into this completed page!

Completed Guestbook page - so cute!

We know you're loving every minute with your sweet little boy, Christina—thanks so much for sharing your joy with us!

Most photo booths provide wonderful entertainment... and disappointing photos. Welsh photographer Ryan Welch always thought his wedding and event clients deserved better. He imagined something classy. With excellent props. And high quality images.
Ryan documents weddings at destinations all over the world (#bestjobever). You can see his gorgeous work right here. Still, the bad photo booth thing was on his mind. His dream booth didn't exist. Finally, he decided to design it himself—and Instabooth was born! 
Instabooth with Guys in Kilts
Instabooth is big and beautiful, with room for 8-9 people. The external screen is a thoughtful touch for people queueing up to use the booth. (Ryan told us it's not showing any here because... well, apparently some guests at this party were having a little too much fun, and he had to turn it off.)
Check it out! Are these people having a terrific time or what?
Did you know that many photo booths just use webcams? Neither did we! Ryan didn't want that. Instead, he equipped Instabooth with a Canon DSLR and studio lighting. No wonder these images (and the people in them) look so great!
Did we mention the props? We love the props... 
The whole concept is so nicely designed. With multiple backgrounds and curtains to choose from, Instabooth's look can be customized to match any wedding or event. All that, and it's fun, too—everyone loves it!
Oh, and we can't resist mentioning....
We're proud and delighted to say that Ryan is a customer who uses our Guestbooks with Instabooth! We custom designed the pages to meet his needs, and he took these lovely photographs just for us!
Instabooth is based in South Wales and travels all over the UK. Ryan, of course, travels everywhere. Instabooth. Say "Cheese!"
Instabooth Logo
All our customers have wonderful stories to share about their Guestbooks, and we love hearing them. Please tell us yours—we might just feature it here! 


Guestbook Store has made it even easier to reorder your custom Lodging Guestbook Pages for your Guestbook! Just follow the link below to re-order your pages online: 


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The holiday of ghosts and goblins is just around the corner. The holiday where you get to decorate your home with fun creepy crawlies, create eerie food and dress up in simply silly costumes. Are you ready for Halloween?! We wanted to help with a few of our favorite Halloween Party ideas either for your very own bash or to impress the host of a party you are attending.  Either way, have fun!

#1 Candles

#2 Veggie Frankenstein

#3 Thai Spiced Deviled Eggs

#4 Halloween Printables

#5 Halloween Guestbook

#6 Halloween Guestbook Review

#7 Halloween Snack Mix

#8 Spider Ice Cubes

#9 Halloween Harvest Punch

#10 Vampire Fangs Napkin holder

#11 Stuffed Roaches

#12 Pumpkin Cheese Ball

#13 Printable Banner & Decor

#14 Monster Cookie Recipe & Label


Jenn had a smashing time at her Halloween Bash and the memories will be forever captured in her Halloween Guestbook. Take a peek at her review, tips and favorite parts of her guestbook. Head here to get your very own Halloween Guestbook.

When I saw the first post last year on the Guestbook Store’s Facebook page for their new Halloween Guestbook, I knew we needed one! We love the Guestbook Store and have both a wedding and baby shower Guestbook. We have also purchased them as gifts. My husband and I host a Halloween party every year and knew that this would be a perfect addition and would help preserve the awesome memories.
We set up the book, pages and markerson a decorated table so that it was easily accessible to our party goers. Our friends and family were able to select from a variety of colours and had a great time colouring in all of the bits on each page. It was great that they were able to personalize their pages! We made sure to get everyone’s photo while in their costume so that we could print them and adhere them to each page. This was the first time we had guestbook pages with the picture option and they turned out great! It sure is a hoot to flip through the pages and see everyone dressed up.
Last year’s Halloween party was our 6th annual one and the amazing folks at the Guestbook Store were able to assist us in designing a title page for each upcoming year. Now when we flip through, we will have last year’s party, and the next several, separated nicely. It is certainly a special touch. Another great touch was the voting on the back page for the “Funniest”, “Scariest” and “Best” costumes. We counted up all of the votes and were able to award the winners with a titled ribbon! Your product is amazing and we received a ton of compliments. Can’t wait to bring it out again this year when we have our 7th Annual Howson Halloween Howler!

Behind the scenes at Guestbook Store we have been busy.  REALLY BUSY!  The construction crew has been pounding nails, sanding wood, and creating code to build us a shiny and new website.  And we have delivered one fine site we are very proud of. Please take some time to tour our new home.  Be sure to check out:

The Photo Gallery where there are photos galore.  Here you can see the Guestbooks in action, some completed pages, some set up ideas and so much more.

The Press Page.  There is where we get to show off a bit!  The spotlight has been shining our way on a few occasions, and we get a little bit excited to share that with you.  Here is where you can find our media kit and other fun media stuff.

The Blog.  In this blog, we will continue to write about event happenings around the globe.  And we might just even shine that spotlight back on you!  If you used a guestbook at your event and wrote about it, please, do share it with us and we might just feature you as well.   (Share it by sending an email though our contact link above)

Thanks for stopping bye to see us.  We enjoyed your visit.


Ann & Amy


Charlene, from Becoming The Barrs,  celebrated her pregnancy with a "Ready to Pop" themed baby shower.  There are many beautful photos from her shower.  One of my favorites is of her Grandma peeking at the guestbook. "And throughout the entire shower, I'd catch people sneaking a peek at the book and checking out what advice others had to offer us," she wrote on her blog.  How precious is this photo?  I can only imagine that the page that Grandma completed for her great grandaughter is even more precious.

Charlene also gave us a peek at her Invitation and Gifts Received pages.

Hop over to her blog entry more photos and Charlene's tips for using our Guestbook at your baby shower.


Daniel and Annelise are husband and wife!  You can read all about their wedding day on her blog, AunieSauce.  I especially love how her dress came to be.  Look at this beautiful bride!!

Yes, she used a Guestbook Store guestbook! They chose the Casual Memories Guestbook pages and colorful markers to capture guests memories and wishes of the day.  Love how they set out pages and a jar of markers at each table. Read all about the guestbook on Auniesauce.

I especially loved how Annelise described being married, "This is just the beginning of our beautiful life."  Annelise and Daniel, we wish you the most beautiful life of all.