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Sophie and the Fairy Party

When you're about to turn six years old, and your mom is an event planner and caterer specializing in sweets, you just KNOW good things are bound to happen in the Birthday Department.

This is a story about Sophie, and her amazing mom, Chana Wood. Among her many other talents, Chana is also a professional photographer. And not only that... she's our friend! So we gave Sophie a Birthday Guestbook and were thrilled when Chana sent us some photos of the "Fairy Party." What a clever idea for a little girl's birthday—we just know you'll love it, too!

Here’s the birthday girl now! That is one sweet fairy dress.

Fairy Party Birthday Girl

Speaking of sweet... Sophie and friends were treated to TWO of Chana’s wonderful creations: a Mexican Vanilla Butter Cake with ruffles of teal buttercream, and a Rich Dark Chocolate Cake with swirls of buttercream roses.

Fairy Party Birthday Cakes

For party favors, Sophie gave her friends these delicate, translucent boxes filled with magical jewels and candies.

Fairy Party Favor Boxes

When each girl arrived, she found her very own set of fairy wings waiting for her, which she was allowed to take home after the party.

Fairy Party Wings

Look at these adorable fairies! What could they be doing? Hmmm....

Fairy Party Busy Fairies

Oh my gosh! They're making Guestbook pages!

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Page

Chana says:

"They enjoyed it SO much! Each girl colored a photo of Sophie and wrote cute little memories from their school year together."

Fairies thinking...

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Creating Pages

Fairies creating...

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Creating Pages

Fairies laughing! These girls are just so cute. And what a perfect day for a party outdoors!

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Girls Laughing

Want to see Sophie's Guestbook page design? Here you go!

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Page

We love how Chana transformed our Guestbook Store pens and markers into these wonderful writing wands!

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Creating Pages

Turns out sometimes even fairies have spelling questions! This is Brenna, getting some advice from her Mom and baby sister, Kira.

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Creating Pages

All done!

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Page

The whole Fairy Flock, proudly showing off their finished Guestbook pages!

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Guests

Chana wrote to tell us how much Sophie loved it:

"After the party, during bedtime, we read the pages to Sophie and her face was glowing with delight! This will surely be a treasure she will cherish for the rest of her life! Very special."

One last wonderful pic—Sophie and Nadia:

Fairy Party Birthday Guestbook Friends

We’re glad you had such a wonderful birthday, Sophie—thanks so much for letting us be a part of your special day! And special thanks to you, Chana, for sharing your fabulous images with us!

P.S. For those of you in the Twin Cities/western Wisconsin vicinity who are drooling over that delicious cake picture, you're in luck! Chana's company, Sugar Wood, is right there in Cumberland, WI. She'll be happy to make cake for you, too, AND to photograph the people you love. It doesn't get any better than that!

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