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Frequently Asked Questions

We have addressed some common questions here! Didn't find the answer to  your question? Contact us!

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What if I need my guest book even more customized? 

If you prefer to have different questions on your pages or would like a different layout for your guest book please ask!  We'll

do everything possible to meet your needs.

How will our guests complete pages?
How will our guests complete pages?

Each guest is given their very own guestbook page to complete the front and back side. If it is a wedding guestbook, the page is usually presented to guests while they are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Bride and Groom at the reception. Depending on the type of Guestbook Store guestbook you wish to use at your event, there are different ways to set it up to assure you will receive the most completed pages from your guests.

For our original guestbook many people have a dedicated guestbook table and guestbook attendant. This table should be in a common area visible to guests, preferably near the entrance. The attendant should encourage guests to fill the pages out at their leisure and tell them where to return the completed pages. Another manner to distribute the pages is by placing them at reception dinner tables. You can simply place one page at each setting or several pages in a group at the center of the table.

For our Photo Guestbook, there are two recommended times when it is best to take photos of your guests for their guestbook pages. While your guests are entering the reception area, take a photo of them as they arrive and hand a page to your guests to complete at their leisure. Another method is to have a guestbook attendant walk around to each table taking photos of your guests and handing them a guestbook page with their photo attached. In both instances, have markers placed at each table for your guests to complete the pages.

Regardless which guestbook you choose, we highly recommend appointing someone as guestbook attendant to answer questions for your guests, hand out blank and collect completed pages. Which ever method you choose, DO NOT leave the pages in the album and expect people to wait in line to complete them.

Will guests actually fill out the pages?

Yes! You will be surprised who will fill out the most creative pages! This guestbook is an excellent way for each guest to share a personal greeting or wish that may have otherwise gone unsaid.

How many pages do I need?

When trying to determine how many guestbook pages to purchase, we recommend purchasing 75% of the total number of persons attending your event as some guests will fill their pages out as a family or couple. If you plan to place them at each place setting or have helpers to pass them out to each guest, we recommend ordering one page per person. If you find you need more than 120 pages, contact us so we can prepare the best guestbook solution for you.

How many pages fit inside a Guestbook Album?

For the Photo Guestbook, each book will hold a maximum of 80 completed pages with a photo affixed to each page. Since couples and families will most likely have photos taken and complete the page together, there is enough space for 120-150 guests in each book. In the original Guestbook with the drawing rather than the photo, 100 pages can fit into the guestbook album. This will be enough space for approximately 150-200 guests.

What size photographs can I use for photo pages?

Since these pages were designed with flexibility in mind, they can accommodate many different types of photographs taken from a digital or standard camera! Ideally, the pages are designed to suit a 4" x 6" size photograph, they will also suit a Polaroid 600 or 500 size photograph easily.

How do I attach photos onto photo pages?

The most effective way to attach photos is by using an acid-free double-stick tape. This tape is sold at many scrapbooking specialty stores, as well as Michaels, Target etc. The Photobook pages do NOT come with photo squares or slits in the paper.

What should my guests use to fill out Guestbook pages?

The guestbook pages are printed on 80lb card stock, which means they retain a high opacity to prevent each side from bleeding through to the other. We have found that Fine Tip Markers work very effectively on Guestbook Store pages. Make sure your markers are not permanent. Ball point pens are an option, although we have found that guests get very creative with markers.

What are the true dimensions of the Guestbook?

The actual dimensions of the guestbook pages are 8.5"x10" and an album measures 9"x11."

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! In fact, we ship many international orders. Upon completion of your order, you can review delivery options with shipping time frames and price estimates.

Can a Guestbook be shipped as a gift?

Yes! You also have the option to include a personalized note. Please include this information in the comments at checkout!



Do you offer pages in languages other than English?

Yes! We have translated our pages into several different languages. Please fill out a contact form with your request. We will be happy to assist you with your order

When will my Guestbook Arrive?

If you are on a deadline, please let us know the date you need your book by in the notes section of your order.  We'll make every effort possible to make your deadline!  In most cases, once your order is placed, we will ship your guestbook within 1-2 business days. Standard shipping within the US usually takes between 3-5 business days, depending upon the destination and selected ship method.  Your guest book ships from our Murfreesboro, Tennessee production facility. Outside the US, shipping times range from approximately 5-12 business days.

What is your return policy?


Returns will be accepted for 60 days after invoice date. There are some stipulations, as this is a custom product. 

Our return policy excludes customized pages regardless of spelling or printing errors. If there is an error on our part we are glad to replace any customized pages in a timely fashion, otherwise the pages are non-refundable and non-returnable. You may re-order your pages at a 10% discount should such an error occur, note any additional rush postal charges are not discounted. Additionally, markers are non-returnable.

A Store Return and Exchange form must be completed and shipped with all returns. You may obtain this form by submitting a request via our contact form to request one.The customer is responsible for shipping charges, unless otherwise instructed by the Guestbook Store. Please use a shipping company that can track packages, as the Guestbook Store is not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise. Once your merchandise has arrived and been processed a credit will be applied to your credit card or new merchandise will be shipped.

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